Introducing Ana.....


(Imp. U.K.)

Born 29 July 2001

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Dakhilak Shalm

(Sunswift Dil Bahadur x Dakhilak Taliqa)



Ch Knightellington Zafa (Magic)

(Ch Asayaad Yimkin from Knightellington x Ch Knightellington Xquisite)


Hi!  I'm Ana, Al Yaman's new blond bombshell.  I thought I would share with you all some photos of my growing up here in New Zealand... This is me at Auckland Airport - FINALLY out of THAT crate.....


This is me being hugged by Aunty Sandra (she's got Irish Wolfhounds! - but really, there's no accounting for taste!)

Ana 2.jpg

The day after I got here my new Mum took me to her local beach where I had a huge run.  This is me resting....


There was some seagulls on the beach which I chased.  That was great fun.  Then they flew out to sea and I found out I couldn't walk on water.  After that I just sat and watched them.  This is me doing that....


This is me growing up.  If I stand on the BBQ table I can see over the fence.


Most days Mum takes us all down to the beach where there's lots of sand-dunes and places to play.  I'm very brave now and have no problem chasing seagulls.  Here I am sighting one up...


This day was most exciting.  Mum was taking photographs and I thought I'd surprise her.  Here's me racing around the corner with my first catch.  Am I a chip off the old block or what!


Oh, hunting is such fun!


Here I am amongst the Magnolias. This way I can look over the other fence.


This is me looking pensive


Here I am enjoying the spring sunshine in our conservatory


And this is me growing up. This photo was taken at the Wanganui Dog Show after I got Junior in Group. Don't you think I am beautiful? My Mum keeps telling me I am!!!


Today we had our first ever Lure Coursing trial.  Oh, I DID enjoy myself chasing that bit of fluff.  I wish it were the real thing though.  Here's me having huge fun....

And, again....

Well, My Mum has been hopeless keeping you all up to date with my activities.  After our Lure we went and di the real thing and even had a proper judge.  Here I am winning Best Coursing Saluki at the Sighthound Extravaganza in October 2003 with Linda Scanlan (our Judge) watching me.

We don't get a lot of shows these days but when we do go, we usually have lots of fun. Here I am with Judge Trevor Hiscock from South Africa. He gave me Best of Group and later I went on to win Intermediate in Show under Judge Helen Lee-James (USA).

This photo is just to show you what I look like when I am trotting.

I've even started to learn Agility. Oh I love that.  All those cheese bits.  That weaving is a challenge though, I'll have to ask Mum to take some more photos for you to see..

Here I am at an agility championship show getting a clear round. I am still the only Saluki doing agility in New Zealand

At South Taranaki Championship Agility Show I got my first ribbon - Third in Starters. I've finally conquered those weave poles!!

Hello again. My Mum is so slack with keeping you up to date with what's going on in my life. I showed her my displeasure today and she promised to post some more pictures. This one was taken with my Auntie Sandra at her place. We had just got our new addition and everyone was celebrating his safe arrival. Mum said she will do a news page for him too. His name is Cass.

I thought I'd show you one of the places Mum takes us for a run. Down at the beach there's great rolling sand dunes where we can run and where we also manage to chase some bunnies from time to time. This is Cass, Pagan and me having fun

Here I am looking again. We all chased a hare last weekend but he got away. There's lots of fences as you can see. After that we had lure coursing. I slept well that night.

Isa is so cool. She ALWAYS has titbits not like Mum who forgets!

Here's another one of me hunting.  There's goats here too but Mum won't let me chase them. She's such a spoil sport!

From up here I can see the Mountain and also the sea but I'm really much more interested in finding something to chase (not goats though... sad!)

I'm really rather good at agility now.   Here's me doing the dog walk

And the tunnel - I really enjoy tunnels

I'm rather a legend at the jumping bit - everyone thinks I'm very clever because I don't knock rails

Mum's friend says if only her horse would jump like me!

And here's me doing the weave poles - my Mum gets all excited when I do "the bounce"


Here's me relaxing in front of the fire in the cat's bed


Then I got pregnant and I didn't fit so good - but I still made most of the bed!


Here I am at the Saluki Championship Show in 2010. 


And then I had puppies.  I have so enjoyed being a Mum

My babies and me
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