Introducing Cass



Born: 17 August 2008

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Sunswift Atiq

(Ch Labakan Ikteer Takhar x Dakhilak Shenavah)


Knightellington Asira (Tigger) (in front on right)

(Dakhilak Sahalm x Ch Knightellington Zafa)

Hi!  Hi. My name is Cass. My English Mum sent me out to join my Aunty Ana in New Zealand. She said I would have fun and I am. This is me at the Auckland Airport. I was SOOOOOOOO glad to get out of that crate....

I sat on a human's knee all the way back to Craigsraven where I spent my first night. Here I am checking it out. First of all we had a game....

Then we had another game. This is me and Uncle Pagan

As well as other Salukis there are some Italian Spinones. This is Asti watching me through the fence. She is from Scotland so we were kind of neighbours really.

Here I am at Al Yaman in Taranaki. Having fun can be quiet exhausting. Here Uncle Pagan and I are having another sleep.

Down here we often go coursing at Aunty Isa's farm. She has hares and I get to chase them which is huge fun. Here I am out looking for a hare. Sometimes we find a rabbit

Here's another picture of me hunting

Here I am having a rest

Here I am with Aunty Isa deciding whether to go for a swim or not. I didn't this time but I did the next time we went. It was a bit of an accident really as I didn't see the water but I didn't mind it too much!

Aunty Isa always has a pocket full of tit bits. We'll do ANYTHING for her and those tit bits. Yum!

Here's Aunty Ana and me at home. There's lots of exciting places to explore.

On the 4 January we went lure coursing and I had a puppy run. That was such cool fun.

I almost caught that bit of plastic. I can't wait until I'm a bit older and I can do it in earnest. Chasing hares is much better fun though!. Was a very hard day too...
When I was 18 months Mum started me on agility.  It's huge fun.  This is my first Championship Jumpers Show And I got a clear round first time out.   Mum and Isa were so excited.
That's Mum in the back ground trying hard to keep up.... some chance! Another thing I have had to do is learn how to be a show dog.  Here I am practising.  Did I tell you I'm now a New Zealand Champion....
And again although I moved just at the wrong moment..... BUT I'm still beautiful... This is me looking over the fence at my neighbours.   They think I'm funny.  Mum says I'm terrible for being such a nosy neighbour.....
Here I am with my daughter, Saala. I've trained her well because she likes looking over the fence too...  

Here I am with two of my daughters relaxing.  They make such comfortable pillows!


Watch this space for more adventures of Cass in New Zealand.....

Page Updated: 31 December 2011