It is with great pleasure that I share with you a memory, a photograph, of some of the classic Salukis which make up Al Yaman's unique bloodlines.  This list is not comprehensive but will be added to from time to time until it is complete.


How privileged Al Yaman was to have been permitted to share the lives of the following Knightellington Salukis:

Grand Champion Knightellington Rogaiya
(Knightellington Lanka x Ch. Knightellington Melody)

Still the greatest winning Saluki of all time in New Zealand.  She was a multi-multiple Best in Show Winner (All Breeds as well as Specialties), Top  Saluki NZ, Top Saluki Australasia, and Top Hound (NZ) during years when competition was fierce.   She was also a very awesome hunter whenever she got the chance to show off her skills as a provider.     

NZ & Australian Champion Knightellington Vivat Al Yaman (Akeldama Midnight Silk of Farni x Knightellington Portia)

A multiple Group Special winner both here and across the Tasman and another efficient hunter.

NZ Champion Knightellington Vinca Al Yaman
(Akeldama Midnight Silk of Farni x Knightellington Portia)

Who disliked showing but endured it to please.   He was also a multiple Group Special winner but preferred chasing and catching things in the Forest near where he lived.

Akeldama Al Yaman from Knightellington
(Knightellington Mahdi x Knightellington Ophelia)

Whom I lost and who took part of my heart with him.   He was shown only the once which was at an All Breeds Championship Show where he gained Junior and Reserve Best in Show.   His passing was a total tragedy for the Salukis of Al Yaman and for New Zealand.


Akeldama Al Yaman from Knightellington (Imp U.K.)


Behind these most beautiful Salukis are found.....

Ch Knightellington Melody


Knightellington Lanka


Knightellington Mahdi


Knightellington Mabroukah


Knightellington Rualla Zoulaira

Rualla Zoulaira.jpg

Ch Knightellington Almanza Anita


Ch Knightellington Ibrahim

Ibrahim.jpg (386058 bytes)

Ch Knightellington Caspah

Caspah.jpg (201191 bytes)

Knightellington Esmail

Esmail.jpg (590716 bytes)



With great pride I present two Windswifts that I have been permitted to know and love at Al Yaman:

NZ Champion Windswift Leben
(Windswift Sulayman x Windswift Ishtar)

The first red and white parti ever seen in New Zealand and who took Judges by surprise.  Despite this he became a multiple Group Special Winner on his own merits.

NZ & Australian Champion Windswift Zahwa
(Rabia Anaza Min Ramli x Windswift Jibli)

The beloved of many.  Multiple Group and General Special Winner, New Zealand and Australia she became the first English Saluki to become an Australasian Champion.   She was also an awesome hunter who loved to show just how clever she was.  
Windswift Sulayman

 Sulayman.jpg (427930 bytes)

Windswift Jibli

Jibli.jpg (463104 bytes)

Windswift Ishtar

 Ishtar.jpg (521114 bytes)

Windswift Aziza,
Sire & Dam

 Aziza.jpg (246003 bytes)





and from RABIA I am honoured to present:

NZ Champion Rabia Halwat Aribi
(Ajman At Tafrij x Rabia Hadiya Minat Ramli)

New Zealand's first red Saluki and always described as being "exquisite" which she was.   Another multiple Group Special Winner her main love was running free and hunting whenever possible a trait she has happily passed on to her ancestors. 


Ajman Bel-Shiraz Ajman Asil-Rishat
Rabia Anaza Min Ramli Taviton Rhumli Saggers (Imp.Saudi)