Al Yaman - Proud of our Salukis abroad
Qasiidah_1.jpg Am Ch Al Yaman Qasiidah (Imp NZ) 
(Stephanie Gamble - Missouri) 


Qasiidah is New Zealand's first (and only) American Champion Saluki.  She has had a wonderful show career to date.   She won two back to back majors from the puppy class in her first weekend out under Judges, Mrs James Canalize and Keke Kahn.  Qasiidah has also received V-L BOB's and a Group 1 at her first International Show in June, 2000.  She won two BOB's from the classes to finish.   Stephanie intends to continue this beautiful girl's show career and offer her some coursing in the future.   Qasiidah, we in New Zealand are proud of you!




Al Yaman Periapter (Imp NZ) "Phizz"
(Removed from Sue Jones - rehomed with Stephanie and Brad Gamble, Odessa)
NZ Ch Al Yaman Nadima (Imp NZ)
and their beautiful tri daughter
Am DCh Celeres Kindred Spirit
(Judy Tantillo - New Jersey)
and another of "Phizz's" sons


MBIF FC Celeres Raaji Rabi Ba'ith FCh. SC, CGC

(Scott and Christie Holman)

Born 23 April 2000

(Dam El Baz Bedy Bousie)


Visit http://www.royalesaluki.freeservers.com/ to learn more about what Ramzy and his family are up to


Hetz.jpg Gingit.jpg
Al Yaman Hetz Midbar (Imp NZ)
(Gail Goodman - Arizona)

Visit Gail's Website at www.midbarsalukis.com

to meet Hetz's family

DC Midbar Gingit Yehkara SC.FCh CC
(owned by Dr. Robert Place and Joseph Minor)

Gingit is the beautiful daughter of Hetz

Nour.jpg Sadly died at still a young age.  But his life was full - he loved to course and qualified for the Grand Course which was very exciting for us here in New Zealand.
Al Yaman Nour (Imp NZ)
(Bernie Bergman - California)

Norway now Spain
Al Yaman Malak al Caravan (Imp NZ) (Lotta Brun - Norway now Spain)

Malaki.jpg Visit Per and Karin's web site to see Malaki's progeny at El-Cazzino including....
Al Yaman Malaki (Imp NZ)
(Per and Karin Nordahl - Sweden)


SuCH.NuCH. El Cazzino Carizza and SuCH. El Cazzino Cajar

Cajar at age 9 1/2 years was Sweden's 3rd Top Saluki 2002.  Congratulations - what an awesome achievement!


and Cajar's daughter.... Jazara