Introducing Kinnamon.....


Born 15 October 2005


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Midbar Or M’Bustan Ha Galil  



Midbar Kesem Calanit                


One cold and snowing day my Mum put me in a crate and sent me to the sunshine of New Zealand.  It was a very scarey experience but I was given such a warm welcome at my quarantine kennel, I couldn't help but relax.  Here's me the day after I arrived

And here's me again....

After a month my new Mum came and got me and took me to my new home.   Her other Salukis made me welcome and I felt a bit better about things.

We have a garden.   We go walking heaps which is fun although I don't like some of the things I come across very much such as bikes, baby strollers and skateboards.  UGH!  VERY scarey after the tranquility of New Mexico!.

But it's peaceful in the garden

Here I am getting a hug from Ashie.  She says she loves me best because we both have red hair!

We also have a seaside nearby.  Being that I am a desert dog I had never seen the sea before.  I just love jumping over all the waves.




The others and I play hide and seek amongst all these great big boulders.  One thing, I've become very sure footed!

There's also sand dunes down there.  We have so much fun in the sand Pagan, Ana and I play chasing.  It's just like being in the desert....

Then ONE day I had the most wonderful surprise when my American Mum came out to visit.   We had such cuddles

She thought I wouldn't remember her.  As if......!!!


Here I am amongst the flowers. My Mum says I have an exquisite head I also go to coursing from time to time.  That is great fun chasing that bit of plastic.  Not as good as the real thing though....

 Here I am on holiday with the others visiting Auntie Sandra.  That's Rami behind me.  She's a smooth too.  There's not so many of us down here


And here I am with Pagan.  He's died now.  We all miss him very much 


Mum takes me all over the place.  Here I am visiting Graham in Upper Hutt.  We were hoping to find a hare this day but no such luck. And here I am with Graham's Midi.   He's a pretty cool dude.
Mum sent me to Aunty Sandra in Auckland for her friend, Steven to show me.   He's a very nice man and we clicked straight away.  Here I am being a show dog.... And, again....   I'm a New Zealand Champion now.  Being a smooth that's no mean feat in this country but then I can't help it if I'm beautiful....
You have to admit it - I really am rather georgeous! This is me in my favourite place -  sitting on Steven's knee.  I've made him my new Dad

I live in Auckland now with Steven.  We love each other to bits.   He has Italian Spinones but says he loves me the best!   He used to be a Falconer so understands the ways of the wild.     We are living on a farmlet at the moment and I get to run free which is super.  I have fun chasing Pukeko's and Rabbits.  Pukeko's are dumb!   There's Highland Cattle here and Donkeys who make a huge noise in the morning and wake me up.     We're all looking forward to the summer so we can go back to chasing that bit of plastic oh and take in the odd show or two.    My Dad says it does New Zealand good to see a beautiful smooth...... That's ME!

Watch this space for more adventures of Kinnamon in New Zealand


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