The Al Yaman Miracle Litter

24 August 2010

                                                                SIRE                                                                                  DAM

Ch Knightellington Cass of Al Yaman (Imp UK)           Ch Knightellington Ana Al Yaman AD (Imp UK)



                   The Story.......                                           

For many years we have tried to breed a litter from the legendry, amazing, extraordinary Ch. Knightellington Ana  Al Yaman (Imp UK)  but sadly without success.   But now we can announce with great excitement that we have accomplished what we had begun to think was the impossible.    We've been invited to describe what we did and we're very happy to share that with you;.  Maybe it worked!  Maybe it didn't!  But since we tried everything else.....waaaal....

The author of the natural breeding practices is Tania Colquhoun here in New Zealand.   Her daughter, Nicole Harrison has shared it with whoever so wishes to adopt Tania's suggestions.   Nicole wrote the following thoughts in an article in the May 2010 NZ Dog World.  (Edited)

When Tania started in Bostons over 38 years ago in those days the breed was plagued with breeding programs and defects and Tania decided there had to be a better way.  She spent the following years researching ways to combat these problems and has developed a reputation worldwide for her breeding practices.  No longer do we see the whites, cleft palates, harelips, miscarriages, infertilities and deformities that plagued them in their early years of breeding.


The first rule is no Parvo injections or other vaccinations within six months of breeding.  Ensure the bitch is well up to date prior to this OR wait until the bitch is actually in whelp, then 14 days before she is first due, a dead vaccine can be given.  Also never use ANY form of contraception on any season.  

Always make sure the bitch has a high natural food diet incuding raw vegetables, except potatoes and onions which are a big no no.  This can be supplemented with canned or dried dog food or rolls, wheat germ, kelp powder, pure apple cider vinegar and omega oils.

On the first day of the heat, start both the dog and the bitch on Vitamin E (100-20mg) and Zinc tablets (50-75mg) - do not feed with any meals!  Start with half of each tablet twice a day for three days, then one twice a day until mated, then one a day for the bitch until she has whelped.


From the first day of mating, give the bitch one 5mg (nothing less- these are usually only dispensed by a pharmacist - do not sue over the counter dosages) Folic Acid tablet a day and keep this regime going up until the bitch has had her pups and they are at least three weks of age.  Increase this to two a day on two of the days in the first week of mating if there are problems in the line.  Folic Acid is a DNA and RNA agent essential for the division of body cells and formation of red blood cells.  It not only aids lactation but also is proven to settle difficult bitches, reduces foetal abnormalities, leukaemia, and cleft palates and also reduces labour time!

If the bitch does suffer from post-natal depression, give her four tabs every four to five hours after whelping or a ceaser - until she has recovered.  Usually this, along with a DAP diffuser in the whelping room can bring a bitch around within 8 - 24 hours.

Raspberry Leaf tablets can also help bitches who have previously experienced whelping problems have normal easy births. The suggested dosage varies but it is usually recommended to give one tablet a day from the third week of mating and continued until one week after delivery to help ensure complete afterbirth expulsion.

When the bitch is six weeks in whelp, give her one Caulopyllum 30 tablet then one more the day before her due date.  Also at six weeks, start her on Pulsatilla - one tablet per day until whelped.


If you are planning a special litter, you may wish to use Eugenics.  Just remember, this can only be done ONCE in a bitch's lifetime, so pick your time to do this.

In the first three weeks of pregnancy: 12 days = Tuberculinum 200 powder;  15 days = Distemperinum 200 powder; 18 days = Sulphur 200 powder; 21 days = Calc Carb 200 powder.  These MUST be powders!

If any any stage after whelping the mum is prescribed antibiotics or the pups require antibiotics, do not forget to give them both acidophilus powder.   The amount in yoghurt is not sufficient;  it must be the pure powder form available from any health shop. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the stomach and gut and acidophilus replaces them.

Natural is best.  Avoid garden sprays, asuntol, bug bombs, even flea collars.  Any of these can damage or cause the bitch to miscarry or even not to conceive.

Nicole says Good Luck!    Me?  I'm still marvelling about my beautiful five Ana Lookalikes!    Here's some baby photos for you to enjoy...

Welcome  to our world, little babies

  Just a few days old
Settling in to being a Mum   Enjoying it really!
Now five weeks old


  Saa'il, aged 6 weeks old:   Saa'il means flowing, streaming
Shaadin, aged 6 weeks Means young gazelle   Saafira, aged 6 weeks.  Means traveller
Saala, aged 6 weeks. Means jumping and leaping   Sahar, aged 6 weeks. Means beautiful sunrise
A bundle of puppies   Introducing "the cardboard box"
 Oh so much fun   .... and games
We do wish somebody
 would let us in
  Here we are relaxing in the sunshine
Aren't I beautiful   I think I'm chewing his ear!
Here we are at 9 weeks   Gazing at me....
Just some candids   Four of us relaxing

 On 6 Nov Mum made us be    show dogs.  I am the boy   My new Mum calls me Seal - Saa'il is pretty close!         

  Hurrah!  I've got a name.  Shaadin is me


Saafira is me and I live in America.  Yes, I'm the traveller!   I used to be Freckles but my real name is Saala
 And here I am, Sahar (or little one)


Saafira and Saa'il

Shaadin in the sunshine


It's tough being a show dog. Think I'll chew something
On 7 Nov we just played  in the garden.     I am Saa'il Me again!


Me again

And Saafira.


And again
Saala Me Again!
Sahar Me again in the garden

This day Mum sent me to my new home.  Here I am with my new Dad in America.  My new Mum gave me my name of Saafira

  Here I am just checking everything out
My first catch!  My new Mum thinks I'm very clever   I love my new family
Although it does get a bit cold here but my new family has this wonderful fire to keep us all warm and cosy


  I've got lots of wonderful things to play with.   I'm very happy being Miss America
I'm Saa'il and here I am with my new Mum's granddaughter, Danielle.  She loves me and gives me lots of hugs   This is a picture of my head
Saala!  We're starting to grow up.  Mum calls me a menace.    And here's MY head
Here I am pretending to be a show dog!  At the moment I'm staying with Aunty Sandra wrecking her water feature!   This is me, Sahar, with my Granddaddy Chris.  He thinks I'm just the best!
And here's me also pretending to be a show dog!   I don't wreck water features!   My name is Shaadin or sometimes Tabitha or even Princess!


I'm Miss America Saafira practising my showing just before the 2011 SCOA Specialty.    I am Saa'il and here I am with my Mum at a Poofy Dog Show (well that's what Mum calls it!)
And Sahar being a true "Show Dog"   And here we are, Saa'il and Sahar dominating the show ring!  Salukis Rule!
This is me, Shaadin, back home again about to wreck Mum's Rose bush.  She gets so mad when I do that! It's Saala's fault, she showed me what to do.....   This is me, Sahar, with my new Daddy in Upper Hutt.  I sometimes have Maggie, another Saluki to play with but I think I'm more beautiful than she is!



Watch this space for more photographs of the Al Yaman Miracle Litter settling down into their new homes



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